L’Anglais Commercial

Horaire de cours Insrivez-Vous le plutot possible!Horaire de cours Insrivez-Vous le plutot possible!

Quel est le meilleur endroit pour apprendre l’Anglais Commercial sinon le District Financier de NYC? Ce programme, qui se déroule dans la capitale financière mondiale, peut vous aider à naviguer dans le sinueux monde des affaires, soit que vous y travaillez déjà, soit que vous n’avez jamais entendu parler d’un «cover letter», c’est-à-dire une lettre d’accompagnement.

Les pours de L’Anglais Commercial

  • Apprendre un langage technique!
  • Augmenter les possibilités de trouver un emploi!
  • Augmenter les possibilités d’obtenir une promotion!

Les contenus de l’apprentissage

Semaines Thème À l’oral À l’écrit
1 & 2 Taking Business English

• Making requests, offers, and suggestions; negotiating and delegating tasks
• Small talk

Business letter and email
3 Meetings • Arranging meetings • Fax
4 Getting Ahead • Describing work; discussing job qualifications • Letter of Recommendation
5 Turning a Company Around Describing how to solve a problem • Business Report
6 Describing a Process • Describing a sequence of events; comparing processes • Email Replies to Customers
7 Teams and Management

• Making requests, offers, and suggestions; negotiating and delegating tasks
• Describing changes; past and present performance

• Memo to managers
• Annual report
8 Clients and Customers • Responding to complaints; negotiating solutions • Letter of Apology
9 Goals • Discussion business plans and expectations • Department Goals Report
10 Describing and Comparing Products • Asking and answering questions about product features; comparing products • Memo to Sales Staff
11 Management Challenges: Motivation and Productivity • Describing project and staffing difficulties; discussing and comparing employee benefits
• Giving an opinion; discussing motivation and productivity
• Meeting agendas and summaries
12 Advertising • Discussing advertising strategy; proposing a website design • Responding to a Marketing Survey

Notre Instructeur (Frank Clements)

Frank Clements est un enseigneur de business English depuis 2 ans, il a travaillé dans une société de recherche en investissement qui etait basée à Washington DC, spécialisée dans la recherche du clients de Wall Street, son concentration sur les influences législatives, réglementaires et politiques dans le domaine d'économiques . Frank était un instructeur personnel des professionnels de Prague, en République tchèque, le directeur général de Tesla SRO et un directeur financier chez PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Aussi Frank a travaillé dans les secteurs du vente, marketing et de la gestion de projets dans les les industries de l'immobilier et du construction. Frank a étudié l'économie internationale à l'Université Charles de Prague, en République tchèque, et a obtenu un baccalauréat en histoire et en sciences politiques du Randolph-Macon College à Ashland, en Virginie.

Entrevue d'étudiant

I liked the business class very much! That was amazing! Because of the small class size we could express our individual wishes for what we wanted to learn.

Marco Saraiva  - August 2017
Class : Business English

The best way to improve your English skills is to study in an English speaking country! That’s why I decided to find a language school in the U.S. to improve my English. I am a German/Portuguese citizen and I work for an insurance company in Germany. I studied Business Administration.

I took the entire 12-week Business English course. My goal is to work for an international company. I liked the business class very much! The average class size in business was only two students. That was amazing! Because of the small class size we could express our individual wishes for what we wanted to learn. In my course, I created an individual elevator pitch, letter of application/CV, and optimized my LinkedIn profile. The instructor is a native English speaker but also a specialist in business because he worked on Wall Street.

Every day we read the daily newspaper and discussed business related articles. We also analyzed business videos on Bloomberg and CNN. In addition, we took fieldtrips to the Museum of Finance and the Federal Hall located in the Wall Street area.

The school is accredited and very professional. Before the lessons begin, there is a written and oral placement test. Every month there is an exam. Don´t worry about that! If you pay attention in your classes you will pass the exam. At the end of the program you get a professional certificate from the course for your CV! The entire staff is very smart, helpful, and professional.

To socialize with other students I participated in the Friday voluntary school activities. We visited many New York attractions. I had the opportunity to build new friendships and network with people from all over the world.

I will recommend the New York English Academy 200% in Germany and Portugal! Thank you for this experience!

It is incredible how fast it works!

Kadija Camara  - August 2017
Class : Business English

Hello my name is Kadija Camara and I am 20 years old. I came to the NYEA Business course because I needed to improve my English for my bachelor’s degree. It is incredible how fast it works! Being an NYEA student will be one of my best life experiences not only because I learned English but also because of the diversity of the students I met.

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